You can now apply to be on the next season of 'Travel Guides season 3'

Have you ever been watching Travel Guides and thought, I wish to do this? Well here is your chance!
Travel Guides is an Australian travel series which premiered on the Nine Network  The series follows six groups of ordinary Australians who take on the job of travel critics who experience the same week-long international and domestic holidays and review the same accommodation, cuisine, and local sights

Reviews Travel Guide 3
The reality show (Travel Guides) which views daily holidayers act as travel editors have been redesigned for the third season and is now casting for all new guides.

To apply you must:
. Be a group of 2 to 4 people

. Be able to travel between July and October 2018

. Be Australian citizens or have been a permanent resident of Australia for   at last 2 years

. Have at least one member of your group who is aged 21 or over

·Upload a video for your application. All members of your group must appear together in the   video  

. Not be or have been in the past 2 years an employe…

Peru Travel

best travel vacations peru, best time to travel, adventure travel

Travel to peru

Peru is located in South America, is a country rich in history , culture and natural beauty. Million each year for vacation land enjoy a piece of what this great country has to offer.
Peru is the ideal destination for couples , groups and families, and has become a favorite destination for adventure lovers .There are many exciting activities to enjoy the fact that it is hiking the Inca Trail or rafting on a river through the Amazon jungle outside .

Best time to travel

Before considering travel to Peru , you should know what is the best time of year to travel. It is a country that has a very wet season and a hot dry season . Most visitors come between May and October when rainfall levels are , at least , and the hot sun is a welcome addition to your perfect stay .

Spanish is the main language of the region, but most hotels , Travel Peru Tours operators and store owners understand English , so you will be able to converse easily. If you know a little Spanish to help make shopping, when it is expected that dealings .
It is a relatively safe country if the obvious precautions you would in any big city are taken. Do not walk in the streets flash your cash . Most visitors take your money in your pocket instead of a wallet and leave their credit cards secured safely to the hotel.

Always be aware of your surroundings and stay with your group. Though once hiking in mountainous areas, you will not have to worry about petty thieves can find in the city streets.

Most people will fly in the Jorge Chavez and then travel to your destination from there International Airport.

Peru travel

Those who travel in North America , European Union , Japan, Australia , Singapore and Malaysia can obtain a visa on arrival. All other countries must obtain a visa before traveling. Most tourist visas are more than one hundred days that allows you to really explore everything the country has to offer .
When you have a little time alone in the city, there is a vast network of public buses and taxis are always available to take you where you need to go. Get the main areas of the city is very easy.

best travel vacations peru, best time to travel, adventure travel

Adventure travel

If you plan to travel to Peru , you may be looking for an adventure or a cultural journey be . Depending on your choice will affect what you need to put in your suitcase for your comfort during your stay.
Remember that this country can become very hot during the summer months , it is advisable to bring sunscreen , a hat and sunglasses. Clothing , lighting and good walking shoes are essential.
Arriving in small towns as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the Inca city , you have to explore everything it has to offer on foot, so sandals or high heels are not the ideal footwear

For those who have opted for adventure travel in Peru , including rafting , do not forget to include a swimsuit , towel and shoes that you can wear that does not mind getting wet 

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You can now apply to be on the next season of 'Travel Guides season 3'