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10 Best Small towns in Italy

One travel reviews suggest 10 best small towns you can visit in Italy with small budget so if you planning for a honeymoon , family vacations , couples you can choose any of these towns.
LuccaLucca, Tuscany, has a fully enclosed wall of the historic center being some of the best preserved walls in Italy. The top of the walls was done in the wooded paths so you can walk or bike over the walls. Lucca medieval towers, about 100 churches, a long shopping street and a square, oval, which was a Roman coliseum. Unlike many cities of Tuscany, Lucca is flat rather than along a pitcher's mound.
MateraMatera is a unique city and one of my preferred spots in southern Italy. It is a little off the beaten track, but well worth the effort it takes to start out thither. The Sassi cave and turn off into the rock walls of a large house churches ravine. Although houses and churches have mostly been given up, some have been repaired in the cave hotels and centuries old churches can be seen. Sassy The e…

The oldest twenty cities around the world

The oldest twenty cities around the worldAround the world travel review the oldest twenty cities around the world and top 20 oldest cities in the worldsome of these cities are characterized as a cheap family vacationsAnd others you should not go to these cities
Jericho, Palestine

Jericho is the oldest city, where human communities inhabited by 9 thousand a year of birth, where I discovered the remains of 20 human settlements dating back to the 11 thousand a year, and the city is located near the Jordan River, live where currently 20 thousand people.
Byblos (Lebanon)
The Phoenicians founded the city before the five thousand years of birth, the Greeks called this name, because they were importing them papyrus, and its name is derived from the word of the Bible in English. There is within the city map tourist areas in Lebanon, where includes temples and ancient Phoenician by Byblos Castle and Church of St. Hanna Baptist, which was built in the 12th century.
Aleppo (Syria)
Founded most populous…

One travel reviews in Italy 3

One travel reviews, best places to shop in Rome

Via Borgogniama  Title  for months Italian brands and is located close to the market condition, find a great shop bearing the signatures of famous designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Ferre and Givenchy, Versace, and from it you can reach by walking to Piazza DI Spagna famous as a tourist and business, where there is a house Missoni and Krizia Fashion elegant.
Via Dei Coronari In the past, this market Gladiator selling rosaries, icons and everything related to the Christian pilgrimage in the Vatican, but he turned the day into an important destination for lovers of artifacts, but beware of fraud Some of the pieces may be imported and not worth asking price.

Via Del Babuino One travel reviews said that this market is the most elegant and prestigious compared with markets, Rome Other no less affair, meet the famous brands such as Armani, Chanel, Tiffany & Co, with most shops selling artifacts, this is the street a true paradis…

One travel reviews in Italy 2

One  travel reviewsin Italy
One travel reviews of Italy, What do you do during the day? Sure, you will not be puzzled at what you do during the day, Rome is full of beautiful things that are worth a visit after a cup of cappuccino flavor of Italian origin will be lively, to be launched in expeditions to delay capital, Fujbh Italian breakfast is a cup of cappuccino with croissant or Alaspreuiso sweetened chocolate or jam, but takes into account the issue of hotels habits of tourists of various nationalities Vtstaan ​​manner buffets which contains a variety of dishes.

If you enjoy physically fit will help you to walk intense you can use the office to arrange special flights organizes twice a day, one in the daytime and another at night on foot from which to learn all the sights in Rome with a tour guide explains to you the story of each wall and building.
Without forgetting the lunch break at a restaurant in Rome, the beautiful, we must try as much as possible of Italian dishes, which ofte…

One travel reviews to Italy

One travel reviews to Italy this country  that at every visit her feel that you are visiting for the first time

When you reach the capital Rome feel like you're in the open-air museum and large. Each building tells the story of the courting of history is clear on all the walls are decorated by the hands of artists and sculptors months.
Located in the heart of Europe, but they are unique beauty cannot be compared to the rest of other European capitals, all the beautiful chaos that has become even with time organization will not stand in front of you during your visit to them. One travel reviews When you decide to visit Rome, you must bring your feet will be using them for the duration of your stay, rent a car in Rome may be an option the wrong proportion of traffic congestion at peak times and other times of the day and night, and the parking is a rare coin and inaccessible, if any.
In Rome you'll find yourself walking for long hours will not feel so you'll walk for long period…

top destinations in europe

We will travelaround the world in a day trip interesting and enjoyable specifically in that great continent of Europe, which features the wonderful charm of ancient civilization and the present Orient that cultural diversity in Europe makes it a fascinating glimpse of history and we'll show the best travel destinations in Europe and top destinations for honeymoon

Top  destinations in Europe

Budapest, HungaryPeople who think that Europe is above all a kind of old-world places pleasantly surprised to discover that this is not true. An example of Budapest in Hungary, which is actually a center of sorts for the up and coming artists and acts established. Many clubs are very popular because of their appearance, especially renovated old buildings that give as an industrial environment. After a wild night of clubbing, people find the old world charm of Europe is known in the comfortable feeding mom - and - pop around areas of clubs that serve individual Hungarian dishes for breakfast.