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The oldest twenty cities around the world

The oldest twenty cities around the worldAround the world travel review the oldest twenty cities around the world and top 20 oldest cities in the worldsome of these cities are characterized as a cheap family vacationsAnd others you should not go to these cities
Jericho, Palestine

Jericho is the oldest city, where human communities inhabited by 9 thousand a year of birth, where I discovered the remains of 20 human settlements dating back to the 11 thousand a year, and the city is located near the Jordan River, live where currently 20 thousand people.
Byblos (Lebanon)
The Phoenicians founded the city before the five thousand years of birth, the Greeks called this name, because they were importing them papyrus, and its name is derived from the word of the Bible in English. There is within the city map tourist areas in Lebanon, where includes temples and ancient Phoenician by Byblos Castle and Church of St. Hanna Baptist, which was built in the 12th century.
Aleppo (Syria)
Founded most populous…