10 World-Wide Adventure Attractions

best world wide adventure and best travel for family, couples

The world is full of adventure , country, city, town and the destination is sure to have some kind of adventure that better than you.

Travel itself is an adventure as I'm concerned . Nothing really tells the adventure of exploration , experience or discover something new , original and out of your daily routine or perhaps out of your comfort zone .

Actually there are plenty of adventures to be had in the world, but there are adventures that should not be missed .


1. The Macau Tower Bungee Jump - Malaysia

Bungee jumping is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Macau Tower . Free fall is an amazing 233 meters ( 764 feet) making it the highest bungee jump in the world jump over .
Bungee jumping is usually one of the most extreme and intense adventures, says it feels faster and make the adrenaline rush faster to jump from an airplane.

2. Trekking Machu Picchu

Peru seeks magically place that is so full of history and culture , which is right across the country and even in their surrounding neighbors . But this is the main adventure tourism is the Inca Trail.
Trekking Machu Picchu takes about 4 days to complete the route and camp for these reasons are provided . Mountains can be very intimidating and is a moderate hike a physical condition may be required. And before reaching Machu Picchu, especially at sunrise well worth the walk.

3. Wreck Dive the SS President Coolidge

The SS President Coolidge in Vanuatu island of Santos is considered a mecca for divers. The support of U.S. troops , which was originally a luxury cruiser , was sunk by two mines friendship in 1942.
The boat is now about 20 meters below the water surface and how the ship this ship the most accessible shipwrecks for divers, when you consider the size of the ship is now made.

4. Safari inKruger National Park

When it comes to an African safari and viewing the big 5 or even 5 hunting small there's no better place to Kruger National Park .

Kruger is in the northeast corner of South Africa for reasons that cover just under 19,000 square kilometers ( 7,000 km ² ) and has all the big 5 other predators , prey and even more than 500 species of birds.

5. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

Africa is also home to another great adventure in the world and continues to climb higher, isolated mountain in Africa. Kilimanjaro is located at an altitude of 5882 meters ( 19,341 feet), but only 40 % of the climbers to make the summit.
Acclimatization is absolutely necessary that one of the seven climbing routes so the best is to mix this with a safari adventure close before the climb . These safaris can be in the Serengeti or Ngorongoro Crater .

6. Eisriesenwelt Caves

This is the largest ice cave in the world , stretching about 42 miles in the Austrian Alps and although it is the largest ice cave ice is present only during the first mile .
Eisriesenwelt that ice giants world results , can be found throughout the year and therefore is about 200,000 visitors a year. The trip through the cave system takes about one and half hour will take you through a number of important sites.

best world wide adventure and best travel for family, couples

7. Ice Diving
This is by far one of the coolest adventures that ever lived ... literally. Baffin Island is one of placesi n the world that could take this adventure, even if visitors usually leave the island in Canada called Nunavut.

You may be able to finish the dive with a diving license certified Advanced Open Water tight however help make the experience a little more comfortable dive .

8. Diving With Great Whites
White Sharks have a terrible reputation as notorious murderers , but there are some of us who either do not believe the hype , want to see this behavior by themselves or simply to discover what a shark attack could be as below water surface.

Diving in a cage and see these big white close is an amazing experience that can be enjoyed in South Africa , Australia , Mexico and the United States.

9. Swimming with Whale Sharks
The largest shark in the world is not a predator hunter big fish or even sharks. This is the type known as the whale shark , which can reach about 14 meters (46 feet) of giants. Despite its size this shark eats only plankton.

Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia has a great season where whale sharks come in close to shore for food that offers visitors the opportunity to dive with reef and each other. A 14 meters long, is sure to make you feel a little small, but it will be a great experience.

10. Volcano National Park

On the Big Island of Hawaii is the Volcanoes National Park that contains two active volcanoes ; Muana Loa and Kilauea. The park itself covers volcanoes and surrounding areas are covered with dried lava and ash.
Hiking is very popular here and the park allows visitors to really know enough about these two volcanoes , as well as a section creating a thick fog and steam the hot lava meets the ocean 

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