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First woman travel to every country on earth

27 years old female become the first woman traveled to every county around world

Cassandra is the first women traveled to every country around the world she looks very amazing and intelligent with a lovely smile and eyes. In the first you think it’s a fictional story but it’s true, she is a woman achieved her dream and passion.  Cassandra De Pecol with 27 years old from Connecticut state (u.s) has already visited 181 countries since July 2015, and with only 15 countries to finish all country on the earth.
She’s well on course to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest person to travel to all the world, she’s traveling as an Ambassador for Peace on behalf of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism.

She called her legendary journeyas (Expedition196)

Casandra believe her dream and passion so she sought to achieveit 

She called her journey is Expedition 196

She started her amazing journey in 7/2015

She started off in Palau back in July 2015

Casandra visited 181 countries f…