First woman travel to every county on earth

27 years old female become the first woman traveled to every county around world

Cassandra is the first women traveled to every country around world she look very amazing and intelligent with lovely smile and eyes. In the first you think it’s fictional story but it’s true, she is a woman achieved her dream and passion.  Cassandra De Pecol with 27 years old from Connecticut stat (u.s) has already visited 181 countries since July 2015, and with only 15 countries to finish all country on the earth.
She’s well on course to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest person to travel to all the world, she’s traveling as an Ambassador for Peace on behalf of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism.
She called her legendary journeyas (Expedition196)
Casandra believe her dream and passion so she sought to achieveit 

She called her journey is Expedition 196

She started her amazing journey in 7/2015
Casandra visited 181 country from July 2015   

She want to become the first lady trave…

Kalahari secret of Africa

african animals  African safari  Kalahari  wildlife safari  african animals
The sands extend through the Botswana Kalahari in southern Angola to the north of Cape Town in South Africa. , This arid region known as the dry Kalahari Desert receives less than 10 inches of rain per year   . Geologically, this is a huge pond , flat, full of sand in the heart of Africa. Much of this area is a desert populated by wild animals and the San (also called Bushmen.

However, in the middle of the Kalahari is the Okavango Delta , a vast inland delta of the river. He Okavango delta by the river, which descends from the highlands of Angola. Abundant rainfall in the mountains so there is a whole year rate in the Okavango River floods that peak about a month after heavy rains in Angola. When the river reaches the flat Kalahari Sands spreads like a large inland delta that is blocked by a low ridge caused by the failure of Kunyere . Then disappears into the sand just north of the town of Maun . There are many rivers in the delta and is an oasis of greenery in the middle of the Kalahari Desert. In recent years , water spilled on a hill and came to Maun Lake Salinas Makarikari Xau and about 70 km southeast of Maun .

african animals  African safari  Kalahari  wildlife safari  african animals

Oryx and Springbok are both antelope that make your house is the vast savannah plains of the Kalahari. The Oryx (Oryx or as it is also known ) has long straight that if you look at the profile can be confused with the legendary unicorn horns . The Springbok is so named because if your single hop behavior at runtime .

Small Meerkat ( every 12 cm long) is a mammal of the mongoose family that live in twenty families in underground burrows through the Kalahari Desert . Each clan survive in this hostile environment, working together as a united family .

Part of the fauna is unique in the delta , including the red lechwe , large antelopes with rounded cap height adjustable and Sitatunga are at home in the papyrus swamps .

There are also many other african animals such as Cape buffalo , hippo , crocodile, kudu , sable antelope , impala , baboons, cheetah, water buck , elephants and ostriches .

african animals  African safari  Kalahari  wildlife safari  african animals

The Kalahari is best of wildlife safari and Botswana has done an excellent job of making the conservation of this region one of the best places to observe wildlife safari in Africa. Wildlife tourism is encouraged by the government and there are many lodges and hunting camps where you can see these animals in their natural state.

Read about the life and adventures of the KalahariMeerkat star book This story describes how the star learns to overcome the dangers and challenges of the difficult environment with the help of his mother and other members of Naledi meerkat clan . Find out about the many fascinating creatures that inhabit this desert 

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