One travel reviews in Italy 2

One  travel reviews in Italy

One travel reviews of Italy, What do you do during the day? Sure, you will not be puzzled at what you do during the day, Rome is full of beautiful things that are worth a visit after a cup of cappuccino flavor of Italian origin will be lively, to be launched in expeditions to delay capital, Fujbh Italian breakfast is a cup of cappuccino with croissant or Alaspreuiso sweetened chocolate or jam, but takes into account the issue of hotels habits of tourists of various nationalities Vtstaan ​​manner buffets which contains a variety of dishes.

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If you enjoy physically fit will help you to walk intense you can use the office to arrange special flights organizes twice a day, one in the daytime and another at night on foot from which to learn all the sights in Rome with a tour guide explains to you the story of each wall and building.

Without forgetting the lunch break at a restaurant in Rome, the beautiful, we must try as much as possible of Italian dishes, which often begin with «Ante Basti» which is Brokita (a piece of toast and greased with olive oil, garlic and salt and cut cherry tomatoes size) and then deal with in accordance with a bit of pasta flavors and sauces are different, and you end up with a cup of coffee, but do not miss an opportunity to eat «ice cream» Italian famous like Altartvuo at Giolitti, which is among the best places in Rome, and after the slalom on some commercial markets, Valtsouk Rome will be your companion Permanent he comes to you wherever you are thanks to itinerant vendors in the streets who sell counterfeit handbags, sunglasses, shoes and so cheaply.

One travel reviews during the night?: Night, Rome like morning, noise himself and life full of movement itself and the traffic is not merciful, but there are some restaurants that are open only during the period of the evening, if you're a fan of pizza, you just need to visit Pizzeria de Bafiato Pizzeria De Baffetto the best Pizzeria in Rome opens its doors for the night, and to provide specialized Albrookita dishes and pizza baked in the wood in two sizes: large and small. If you prefer the bustling atmosphere, you just need to go to a restaurant in the city center Gilda and end Mansehra in the box the night of his.

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Best places to shop in Rome

Italian capital still maintains its position in the world of fashion, when you visit will not be an obstacle in front of you to get to the shopping streets, they are scattered all over the city that distinguish small boutiques unlike what we find prevalent in the West, where there are large commercial centers. Among the most important markets in Rome:

Via Condotti is the street Condotti of the most important streets for the shopping proportion of its content of shops and the role of fashion popular in the fashion world, such as the House of Gucci and Bulgari, Prada, Hermes and Ferragamo and Armani and Trussardi and Valentino and other big names in the world of fashion, but attended yourself to high prices.
One travel reviews, In this street meets the world famous shopping, do not wait to get discounts from shop owners haggle not allowed in those stores

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Via del Corso  

 Access to the course of the easiest is, he shoved the commercial center of Rome and includes shops, many powerful tools to music stores and shoe stores and fits the owners' budgets, medium and youth ratio for the large number of stores that sell what suits them, from clothing and accessories, and if you're a fan of shopping in You'll find shopping malls in the center alone Corso called La Rinascente find the perfume, clothing and many other things.

 Via Cola DI Rienzo

One travel reviews, This is the ideal market for the middle class and the owners of modest budgets, but this does not mean that the goods in it is not good, but on the contrary, they are Italian-made, but they are not signed by famous designers and famous for this street, the prevalence of a large number of shops selling shoes keeps pace with fashion trends. And near this street is located  Ottaviano Street and find the shops selling clothes to suit all budgets, including the expensive ones and cheap.

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