most beautiful resorts in the Maldives

The Maldives beach Is one of the most beautiful beaches of the world
Today we offer you a list of the most beautiful resorts in the Maldives Which is considered a paradise on earth

maldives beach Cocoa Island Resort Resort Baros Island Resort Viligandw Resort Naladho Taj Exotica Resort Mirihi
maldives beach

1. Cocoa Island Resort
Ranked as the best Resorts Maldives luxury at all it is located along the water crystal glamorous wonderful with white sandy beaches and bright sun most days of the year, most of the rooms are isolated from each other and yours, including a small boat similar to what is used by local fishermen in this region as are and connect via a wooden corridor was built on the shallow lake and overlooking the rooms directly on the ocean overlooking the bathroom in the room a great view of the skyline and enjoy beauty of Maldives beach

2. Resort Baros
consists Resort Baros of 75 villas and wooden characterized in style comfortable and enjoying every comfort possible as guests receive a lot of facilities and offers on fruit and massages, restaurant and lessons learned Diving and stay in swimming pools and other tempting offers that help customers to stay longer period possible on Maldvies beach

3. Resort Taj Exotica
This consists resort also from a group of villas built in the shallow area overlooking the ocean, which has a view of a very special when the sun shines from behind the blue waters of the ocean and surrounding villas are a lot of palm trees, large green and the design resembles the design of the huts usual built in the territory of the Maldives beach

maldives beach Cocoa Island Resort Resort Baros Island Resort Viligandw Resort Naladho Taj Exotica Resort Mirihi
maldives beach

4. Sison immediately resort on the island of Landa Giraavaru
An area of ​​44 acres of picturesque nature that has not changed by pollution in Baa Atoll comes to this region turtles to lay eggs and live whales and sharks whale resort offers facilities like to have dinner is free and open day of the pool and open days for Sauna

5. Sison immediately resort on the island of Kuda Huraa  :
This resort contains several houses thatched primitively on the maldives beach and has a number of swimming pools and there are some houses that consist of transparent glass that makes you able to see the  ocean, day and night and enjoy Sunrise and sunset unhindered Each houses boil balconies with views Featured at the Indian Ocean

6. Resort Mirihi   :
is one of the places with reasonable prices and not expensive, which consists of 37 villas equipped with all the comforts and has a 5-star hotel as it overlooks the beach with white sand and clear blue water Preferred option when going to Maldives beach

maldives beach Cocoa Island Resort Resort Baros Island Resort Viligandw Resort Naladho Taj Exotica Resort Mirihi
maldives beach

7. Island Resort Viligandw
 Resort island Viligandw is 4-star hotel has only been architecturally designed so that looks like the houses that are built on the Maldives to be a part of the surrounding nature. The hotel has 76 rooms and features a Jacuzzi area 54 and 10 and 12 Hmamt pool villa located on the maldives beach

8 Resort Naladho :
Resort is small compared to what we have mentioned previously, where consists of only 10 villas and each villa of luxury from the ceiling and even the floor with glass doors and two side living and sleeping large as that every room in the villa has a private bathroom

9. Lily Beach Resort:
You can at this resort to enjoy the surrounding environment with a Thillat excellent resort has been renovated completely in 2009 so that is classified within the resort five-star resorts

10. Soneva Gili Resort
This resort has 45 villas overlooking directly on the beach with some of the other villas that can not be reached only by boat has been interest in all the details from the largest to the smallest during the design and construction of these villas so that each of them a special character as it is for each villa private balcony make dinner under the moonlight moment witch ,  feeling dream in maldives beach

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