Apr 17, 2014

top destinations in europe

We will travel around the world in a day trip interesting and enjoyable specifically in that great continent of Europe, which features the wonderful charm of ancient civilization and the present Orient that cultural diversity in Europe makes it a fascinating glimpse of history and we'll show the best travel destinations in Europe and top destinations for honeymoon

top destinations in europe and top destinations honeymoon around the world

Top  destinations in Europe

top destinations in europe and top destinations honeymoon around the world

Budapest, Hungary

People who think that Europe is above all a kind of old-world places pleasantly surprised to discover that this is not true. An example of Budapest in Hungary, which is actually a center of sorts for the up and coming artists and acts established. Many clubs are very popular because of their appearance, especially renovated old buildings that give as an industrial environment. After a wild night of clubbing, people find the old world charm of Europe is known in the comfortable feeding mom - and - pop around areas of clubs that serve individual Hungarian dishes for breakfast.

top destinations in europe and top destinations honeymoon around the world

Cinque Terre, Italy

In the Liguria region of Italy, the only inhabitants of five villages along the steep coastal hills, terracing carefully decided in the rugged landscape, and then build their homes in these terraces. The five towns have become known as the name of Cinque Terre, or " Five Lands " and became one of the most popular tourist spots in the region. Travelers will appreciate the fact that there is a visible lack of any business development or even modern transportation. The five towns are connected by trails, trains and boats. Most foods found in the area are traditionally prepared as they were since the place was built, the delicacy of tourists. A visit to the region give the impression that she was untouched by time, preserve and protect the stresses of modern life Cinque is top destinations in Europe and top destinations around the world.

top destinations in europe and top destinations honeymoon around the world

Bern, Switzerland

Europe was also known for being the home of most of the music teacher and classical learning. Bern, Switzerland has the honor to be called the house of Albert Einstein, and also happens to be a place where the famous music of all kinds. Cheese lovers will also be pleased to know that it is actually a route around cheese here , while music lovers fill the annual festival of street musicians , street music for free. Those who have a good appreciation of the beer is also an opportunity to taste the best beer in the house along with the law in the European region.

top destinations in europe and top destinations honeymoon around the world


Well known for violence and conflict, many will recommend that you take out travel insurance to go to Croatia. But the earth has experienced a renaissance in some way become a haven for tourists seeking nature, thanks to its many stunning outdoor wonders. Zagreb has been described as a city composed of outdoor cafes, while the National Park Plitvice Lakes is easily a paradise for those looking for pristine lakes, waterfalls and cliffs covered with foam. The whole campaign is like out of a storybook representing some medieval kingdom, which is why it is used in a popular television series. Unlike security issues, Croatia is a better place while appreciated either on foot or by bike, only for all images and sounds can be better in really it is top destinations in Europe and top destinations around the world

Copenhagen, Denmark

From diving headfirst into a sure guide to the environment, Copenhagen is literally a breath of fresh air in Europe. Almost 50% of people travel by bicycle in Copenhagen, and there is just a hint of disdain smog in the air. Nordic cuisine, as well as some local concoctions incorporating traditional ingredients with innovative processes are some of the things that attract many tourists who seek adventure in the region. Art lovers will also fall in love with the Museum of Modern Art Humelbaek Louisiana, where the work of Picasso, Giacometti and other big names.

top destinations in europe and top destinations honeymoon around the world

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is one of the oldest naval forces in the world, is home to the Maritime Museum, a popular tourist destination for people who love maritime history also people who trivialize architecture and structures are considered wild Lisbon and the best destinations for them, and you can also watch St George s castle, Geronimo's monastery, and Madre de deus convent so Lisbon lovely destinations around the world

top destinations in europe and top destinations honeymoon around the world

Venice, Italy

The gun is still a source of inspiration for movies emotional and classical and even movies of espionage, because possible to happen in Venice anything that houses overlooking the sea and waterways that pass around the house it's really something amazing to wander in a boat across the city charming and live in an atmosphere of romantic film it's really top destinations for honeymoon around the world

top destinations in europe and top destinations honeymoon around the world

Istanbul, Turkey

The shopping and the purchase of the most important features that are specific to Istanbul deem a huge market and large it facing out almost everything that great state has been able to combine the beauty of the past and the greatness of the moment of the most beautiful travel destinations around the world, tourists will enjoy the beauty of nature and the beauty of the architecture represented in mosques and museums understand the intertwined as if accomplished artist he drew those wonderful painting that Turkey of the most beautiful countries around the world and top destinations for honeymoon

Apr 14, 2014

things to do in best travel destinations india

So you've planned a trip to India and is ready to embark on your journey . If you've read / heard about travel in India knows that opportunities to spend time are virtually limitless and there is no end to the different things to do , experiences to sights and sounds and marvel . It can be very difficult for a traveler to make the most of the travel in India since the country is so big and there are so many things to do .  we have preselected the best ways to pass the time during your holidays in India best travel destinations
best travel destinations around the world

1- GB to buy only goods: This is a favorite pastime of tourists in India. The craft industry in the country produced almost every conceivable product , textiles and clothing to jewelry and shoes , paintings and sculptures of useful items for home and home furnishings. Instead of buying the usual souvenirs , spend time in the bazaars and Haats India to buy goods and real property India and recover a small part of his trip to India with you. Delhi Haat in the capital city of Delhi, Lal Chowk in Kashmir and Meena Bazaars across several states are all examples of great shopping opportunities .

2-  hobby test food : The food is one of the biggest attractions to visit India. Spicy food of Rajasthan Chinese cuisine located throughout the country, sambhar - dishes vada South India Kashmir extravagant meat , cooking and variety of food in India are endless. By the way the Mughal kitchen visit Old Delhi and Chandni Chowk in Delhi then you can try all kinds of cuisines to Pragati Maidan and Delhi Haat .

best travel destinations around the world

3-  Storytelling and puppetry styles are an integral part of the culture of India. No trip to India is complete without attending some shows . India Habitat Centre in New Delhi is often a venue for various street performances , concerts and small concerts. Methods Haatal Delhi thematic festivals being , usually focusing on specific states at once , and you can not only buy goods and enjoy the cuisine of the world state, but also attend theater , dance and music performances in the state. These events are lively and fresh , and is a great effort by customers to keep ancient traditions and culture of country living . You can see these ancient arts come alive , artists meet, hear about the history of the arts and take great photos and videos that you will cherish for life .

Now that you have a list of the three best ways to pass the time while traveling in India , make sure to follow this advice and do these things. In addition to visiting the monuments and sites and spend time in all the famous places is also essential to explore the culture, cuisine and spirit of the country at any travel plan in best travel destinations India .

Apr 1, 2014

Cheap places around the world

best travel destinations around the world

If you are want travel around the world and planning to holiday in countries as Uk, Us, Australia or Europe you could spent a fortune. Living expenses and sightseeing.  but there are countries around the world you could travel if you are looking for cheap travel holiday , this list for best travel destinations and cheap holiday to enjoy your time .


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