What are You Know About the Lost Kingdom In Turkey

A lost kingdom in turkey

It is in northeastern Turkey in remote area where unforgiving rocky crags give way to green oasis, It is home to the majestic Georgian monasteries in the medieval era of Tao-Klarjeti, It is a former feudal state ruled by the royal family of Bagration.

Tortum is a town and district of Erzurum Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey.The population is 4,507 as of 2010.There are 4 different ethnic group in the district. Ethnicity distribution Turkish Hemshin Kurdish Circassians Wikipedia Area: 566 mi² Hotels: 3-star averaging $19, 5-star averaging $80. View hotels
Tao Klarjeti was once part of the United Kingdom of Georgia that flourished during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries

However, the repeated raids by the conqueror Turku  in the late 14th century led to the demise of the kingdom In the middle of the 16th century, Tao Clareti came under Ottoman rule, resulting in becoming part of T

Cheap places around the world

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If you are want travel around the world and planning to holiday in countries as Uk, Us, Australia or Europe you could spent a fortune. Living expenses and sightseeing.  but there are countries around the world you could travel if you are looking for cheap travel holiday , this list for best travel destinations and cheap holiday to enjoy your time .

best travel destinations around the world

You can go to laos which is a beautiful country in south-east asia and abounds in natural scenic wonders and wonders and is culturally rich.
You can travel easily to laos and find rooms under 10$ for a night.
Find street food in laos you can spend 1$ for your meal in plenty or you can eat in a restaurant that cost you 2$ or 3$
Traveling around in laos on budget 20$ to 30$ is possible.

best travel destinations around the world

Central America Is best travel destinations you can go to Guatemala instead of Costa Rica or Panama .as it will be cheaper
 You could visit rainforests, mountains, beaches and ancient ruins as these places can be visited without paying much money
You can find easily room under 20$ and 2$ or 3$ for your meal. You can be visited places in Guatemala for 35$ a day

best travel destinations around the world

Greece is best travel destinations with cheap prices that is quite cheap especially after the recession. Travelers find Greece a great destinations as they can get a room in hotel about 10$ a night and eat delicious food in street food for 3$ to 4$ a meal, you can move around with about 40$ per day. 

India is a great country where you can travel and explore the rich culture, if you are on a budget. You can get rooms at prices ranging from the level of luxurious comfort. The food is tasty and inexpensive in India. Cheap travel around India for about $ 20 to about $ 35 per day.

If you plan to visit Europe you should go to Romani it is best travel destinations there are many places of historical interest to visit , it is possible to visit Romania on a budget 40$ to 50$ a day by staying in cheap hotel and eat in cheap places .

best travel destinations around the world

Honduras is a great country in Central America it is cheap country the rooms cost you about 15$ a night and you pay just a few dollars for cheap meal you can visit Honduras with budget 30$ per day

best travel destinations around the world

There is no country that is quit and cheap as Nepal really it is most beautiful place you can visit , this country is poor so you can easy get cheap room and meals for only 30$ a day you can visit places wonderful in Nepal and enjoy you time and have chance to see country of ancient civilization .

In the end, you can travel around the world at cheap prices and  enjoy your time with the one you love in the best travel destinations .

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