Aug 12, 2014

One travel reviews in Italy 3

One travel reviews, best places to shop in Rome

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 Title  for months Italian brands and is located close to the market condition, find a great shop bearing the signatures of famous designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Ferre and Givenchy, Versace, and from it you can reach by walking to Piazza DI Spagna famous as a tourist and business, where there is a house Missoni and Krizia Fashion elegant.

Via Dei Coronari
In the past, this market Gladiator selling rosaries, icons and everything related to the Christian pilgrimage in the Vatican, but he turned the day into an important destination for lovers of artifacts, but beware of fraud Some of the pieces may be imported and not worth asking price.

one travel reviews top travel destinations around the world

One travel reviews said that this market is the most elegant and prestigious compared with markets, Rome Other no less affair, meet the famous brands such as Armani, Chanel, Tiffany & Co, with most shops selling artifacts, this is the street a true paradise for collectors of artifacts, particularly furnishings and paintings ancient art.

Via Margutta
 In spite of the small size of this market, but it contains many ancient artifacts affordable.
Via Bocca Di Leone
Located close to the market and Burgognona Condotti and is famous for the proliferation of small boutiques and high-end on both sides, and the presence of unique jewelry is unique in design, but you can not find there, especially in a place called Siragoza the unique design of the most beautiful rings and necklaces.

one travel reviews top travel destinations around the world

Via Nazionale
It is the place which meant the Italians to the shop, where you find everything you need from the needs such as clothes, shoes, travel bags, accessories, home prices are very acceptable.

So-called honor of b «jacket Gauboti» which was being manufactured in this particular street, and today is known for the presence of a lot of goods cheaply, and find the shoes and formal dresses and Sbor for women and men.

one travel reviews top travel destinations around the world

Note One travel reviews: most of the shops closed their doors during the day to rest, what requires you to organize your day and take advantage of lunchtime at the time of closing, and often have between one o'clock and half past three in the afternoon.

one travel reviews top travel destinations around the world
one travel reviews

one travel reviews top travel destinations around the world
one travel reviews

Aug 8, 2014

One travel reviews in Italy 2

One  travel reviews in Italy

One travel reviews of Italy, What do you do during the day? Sure, you will not be puzzled at what you do during the day, Rome is full of beautiful things that are worth a visit after a cup of cappuccino flavor of Italian origin will be lively, to be launched in expeditions to delay capital, Fujbh Italian breakfast is a cup of cappuccino with croissant or Alaspreuiso sweetened chocolate or jam, but takes into account the issue of hotels habits of tourists of various nationalities Vtstaan ​​manner buffets which contains a variety of dishes.

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If you enjoy physically fit will help you to walk intense you can use the office to arrange special flights organizes twice a day, one in the daytime and another at night on foot from which to learn all the sights in Rome with a tour guide explains to you the story of each wall and building.

Without forgetting the lunch break at a restaurant in Rome, the beautiful, we must try as much as possible of Italian dishes, which often begin with «Ante Basti» which is Brokita (a piece of toast and greased with olive oil, garlic and salt and cut cherry tomatoes size) and then deal with in accordance with a bit of pasta flavors and sauces are different, and you end up with a cup of coffee, but do not miss an opportunity to eat «ice cream» Italian famous like Altartvuo at Giolitti, which is among the best places in Rome, and after the slalom on some commercial markets, Valtsouk Rome will be your companion Permanent he comes to you wherever you are thanks to itinerant vendors in the streets who sell counterfeit handbags, sunglasses, shoes and so cheaply.

One travel reviews during the night?: Night, Rome like morning, noise himself and life full of movement itself and the traffic is not merciful, but there are some restaurants that are open only during the period of the evening, if you're a fan of pizza, you just need to visit Pizzeria de Bafiato Pizzeria De Baffetto the best Pizzeria in Rome opens its doors for the night, and to provide specialized Albrookita dishes and pizza baked in the wood in two sizes: large and small. If you prefer the bustling atmosphere, you just need to go to a restaurant in the city center Gilda and end Mansehra in the box the night of his.

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Best places to shop in Rome

Italian capital still maintains its position in the world of fashion, when you visit will not be an obstacle in front of you to get to the shopping streets, they are scattered all over the city that distinguish small boutiques unlike what we find prevalent in the West, where there are large commercial centers. Among the most important markets in Rome:

Via Condotti is the street Condotti of the most important streets for the shopping proportion of its content of shops and the role of fashion popular in the fashion world, such as the House of Gucci and Bulgari, Prada, Hermes and Ferragamo and Armani and Trussardi and Valentino and other big names in the world of fashion, but attended yourself to high prices.
One travel reviews, In this street meets the world famous shopping, do not wait to get discounts from shop owners haggle not allowed in those stores

one travel reviews around the world

Via del Corso  

 Access to the course of the easiest is, he shoved the commercial center of Rome and includes shops, many powerful tools to music stores and shoe stores and fits the owners' budgets, medium and youth ratio for the large number of stores that sell what suits them, from clothing and accessories, and if you're a fan of shopping in You'll find shopping malls in the center alone Corso called La Rinascente find the perfume, clothing and many other things.

 Via Cola DI Rienzo

One travel reviews, This is the ideal market for the middle class and the owners of modest budgets, but this does not mean that the goods in it is not good, but on the contrary, they are Italian-made, but they are not signed by famous designers and famous for this street, the prevalence of a large number of shops selling shoes keeps pace with fashion trends. And near this street is located  Ottaviano Street and find the shops selling clothes to suit all budgets, including the expensive ones and cheap.

Aug 4, 2014

One travel reviews to Italy

 One travel reviews to Italy this country  that at every visit her feel that you are visiting for the first time

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When you reach the capital Rome feel like you're in the open-air museum and large. Each building tells the story of the courting of history is clear on all the walls are decorated by the hands of artists and sculptors months.

Located in the heart of Europe, but they are unique beauty cannot be compared to the rest of other European capitals, all the beautiful chaos that has become even with time organization will not stand in front of you during your visit to them.
 One travel reviews When you decide to visit Rome, you must bring your feet will be using them for the duration of your stay, rent a car in Rome may be an option the wrong proportion of traffic congestion at peak times and other times of the day and night, and the parking is a rare coin and inaccessible, if any.

In Rome you'll find yourself walking for long hours will not feel so you'll walk for long periods, but you will not feel tired, but you will be dazzled by the beauty of its buildings

  Why are advised to visit now by one travel reviews?: These days, one of the best times to visit Rome proportion to its climate moderate, and these days do not fall within the summer season, where inflamed the price, if the point on Europe will be the cost of travel much less with the availability of the opportunity to travel cheaply

 One travel reviews Booking is always recommended hotels in the outskirts of the capital, they provide free transportation service to and from the city center in most time.

One travel reviews : beautiful in Rome is near the major tourist attractions of each other begins to visit the Vatican and the surrounding area and magnificent churches belong to him, but, if you want to climb to the highest peak of the building Vatican must be alert to the issue of waiting in a queue has no end, as it should inquire about an appointment last visit so do not wait all that time and up too late to find the doors are locked, but seeing inside the Vatican and Rome view of the above deserve all the effort and wait.

one travel reviews,one travel review, best travel destinations

Vatican City from smaller cities and includes the headquarters of the Pontifical and the most important museums and church «Sistine» which is considered the most beautiful hand made ​​Michael Angelo, when you visit will be your eyes stared at the ceiling, which is decorated with a piece of art in itself.
Coliseum, it is no less splendor for the rest of the historical monuments, Inside it  breathe the fragrance of the date on which it seems clear through fingerprints Romania left unchanged for more than three thousand years and out of this theater huge find a wall tells the history of the empire Romania that swept the world from end to latest, and take our Arab pillar on this wall in turn tells the history of the civilization that decorated the most beautiful cities in the world, temples and terraces, theaters and castles that still bear witness to virulence.

one travel reviews,one travel review, best travel destinations

One travel reviews about the Pantheon, one of the monuments which received special attention from the authorities in Rome are better maintained the premises and are maintenance work which is constantly, it is known for the Italians interest in the issue of keeping their heritage, historical, and this is evident in its decorations, small engraved on the buildings and old churches that still beauty suit, design context to the Pantheon roof dumped in a circular motion what is considered a kind of creativity in architecture

 One travel reviews about The most beautiful squares:  Piazza Navona, Obelisk magnificent statues and giant fountain distinctive title gatherings tourism, which meets all languages ​​and take them as the date for the convergence to eat a better cup of coffee and savor Italian cuisine tempting regardless of calories you incur when you eat «pasta» and pizza.
In this arena has been living legend, actress Sophia Loren is still her home, which is still apprehensive to this day there, adorned with a balcony filled with trees and flowers.

Trevi Fountain , or Fontana di Trevi , remember to throw in its water segment financial metal to ensure a second visit to Rome , it is considered one of the most beautiful squares, where the most beautiful fountain , as it is located in the city center close to the shops and cafes , which are teeming with tourists who come them from all sides , as it is the destination of newlyweds who Aotonha to take some souvenir photos in an atmosphere of joy and in the confines of the sound of running water.( by one travel reviews this place is amazing )    .
one travel reviews, one travel review, best travel destinations

Piazza de Espana, or what is known as the Spanish Steps is located close to the fountain of the aforementioned, and adorned with colorful flowers. Tourists come to him to take the most beautiful souvenir pictures, which is very close to the high-end shopping areas, particularly the Via Condotti.

In the end one travel reviews didn't, end of Italy 


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